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Four campuses for girls age six to 18 years old

For girls in greater Dallas, every day brings new opportunities, challenges and choices. The ability to respond with thoughtful, informed decisions at home, school and with friends and peers can be a big step toward confident, healthy, fulfilling careers and lives. Throughout our history, we have always held a special concern for girls. Our comprehensive development programs and services provide girls with the skills to overcome their challenges and become responsible citizens and leaders.

Love Field CampusLove Field Center

2040 Empire Central Drive
Dallas, TX 75235

Oak Cliff CampusOak Cliff Dallas Center

350 North Zang Boulevard
Dallas, TX 75208

South Dallas CampusSouth Dallas Campus

4411 Meadow Street
Dallas, TX 75215

West Dallas CampusWest Dallas Center

2607 Toronto Street
Dallas, TX 75212