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“The idea of shaping young people to become positive contributors to society who would, in turn, help shape other young people into positive contributors is the ultimate pay-off for giving to Girls Inc.”

Are You Ready to Give?

If your organization is interested in GIMD, contact:

Sarah Elliott
Chief Philanthropy Officer
(214) 654-4559

Please Make an Unrestricted Gift to GIMD Today!

While over 80% of Girls Inc.’s revenue supports our programs, we need your unrestricted donations. These gifts ensure that our operations remain strong so that our critical programs continue to make lasting change in the lives of our clients.

Why Give?

At Girls Inc. we work for all girls, young women and the women of the future, we volunteer for girls, we advocate for girls, we raise funds to change girl’s lives. We work with all in the community who share our vision of empowering all girls to be strong, smart and bold.

More than just a nonprofit, Girls Inc. is Kyjelia, an 18-year-old freshman at college who grew up in the ghetto of West Dallas, she started at Girls Inc. when she was five, continued in our programs until she graduated high school, pregnancy free, and is now majoring in biology at Xavier University and is a member of the biomedical honor corps.

Girls Inc. is Adalia, a first generation American who’s parents brought her to the United States for a better life. After 13 years in the Girls Inc. programs she became the first person in her family to attend college…and now Girls Inc. programming is helping her two sisters to become healthy, educated, economically independent women.

Girls Inc. is Sasha,a six year-old facing drugs and violence daily, who has a special place at Girls’ Inc. to awaken her potential and reach her full potential.

Girls Inc. is hundreds of girl’s and young women in our area who need help overcoming the obstacles that keep them from leading empowered, healthy lives they want and deserve.

Girls Inc. is generous women and men who are inspired to contribute to the betterment of our society by awakening and inspiring all girls to become strong, smart, and bold.

Girls Inc. is you.

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