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Meet Three Girls Inc. Girls Who Are Moving Forward….


“My growth in this program has been a phenomenal journey, as I transformed from a curious 5 year old girl into a determined and empowered young woman with the help of purposeful programming, eye opening trips, and caring instructors that often times doubled as mentors.”

This fall Kyjeila entered Xavier University of Louisiana and began taking on a full slate of pre-med coursework as she pursues a BS in Science and a Doctorate in Medicine to fulfill her life-long dream of becoming a doctor so she can help people and save lives.


Azalia was awarded a $10,000 Lucille Miller Wright scholarship in May, along with a $2,500 scholarship from Girls Inc. National and is now a freshman at Texas Woman’s University. “Seeing my older sister go through the Girls Inc. program and then become the first person in my family to graduate from high school and attend college was a huge inspiration. When I was able to go to Girls Inc., I jumped at the chance… and going to college was never a question because I knew it would happen. My life is changed forever because of Girls Inc.”


Margaret is a 23 year old college graduate from Stephen F. Austin University, majoring in Business. Upon graduating from high school in 2008, she received the Girls Inc. Renewable Investment in a Lifetime Scholarship towards her college education. While in college, she became actively involved in the Society for Advancement in Management and The Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda, interning also at the Nacogdoches County Chamber of Commerce.

“My experience at Girls Inc. was a life-changing opportunity that I feel every girl should have. From a young age, through middle school, and then my teenage years, Girls Inc. was there to help with everyday situations, school, peer pressure and relationships with friends. I learned practical skills like budgeting and how to be a good friend and a leader and how to make good decisions.” Margaret found the strength and inspiration to pursue her dreams from different role models in her life: her mother, her cousin and Ellen Wood. Margaret met Ellen at Girls Inc. where Ms. Wood volunteered as a mentor stayed in touch with Margaret throughout her college years. The first of her family to go to college, she graduated from college in December 2012 and is now pursuing an advanced degree while becoming a mentor to a girls with Girls Inc. To mark her important rite of passage of college graduation, Margaret hosted a graduation party in a place that’s been her home away from home since she was six years old – our Girls Inc. South Dallas campus.

Of alumnae surveyed in May 2012: 22% attended community colleges – 29% graduating and 29% still enrolled; 69% attended 4 year colleges – 64% graduating and 27% still enrolled; 22% entered graduate studies – 86% graduating and 14% still enrolled – representing 26 fields of minor & major studies. Over 56% had received Girl Inc. local and/or national scholarships.

As girls succeed, so does the community. There is a saying in Africa… if you educate a woman, you educate a nation. When a girl is educated, her income potential increases, maternal and infant mortality are reduced, children are more likely to be immunized, birth rates decrease, and the percentage of HIV infections is lowered. An educated girl is more likely to acquire skills to improve the economic stability of her family, and she is also more apt to ensure her daughters receive education too. Educating girls pays dividend after dividend to the whole community.