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Summer Camp – Eureka! – Imagine Science


Summer Camp

2012 Summer

All Girls Inc. of Metropolitan Dallas Summer Camp activities are designed with girls and young women in mind to spark their interests, build their skills and explore the world around them. Young ladies will learn the value and fun of sharing experiences in an all-girl environment. All activities are under the watchful eye of a caring, trained adults.

  • Summer Camps are held June 5th to July 28 (8 weeks)  and are open to all girls, ages 6-18.
  • The camps are held from 7:30 a.m to 5:30 p.m., Monday-Friday.
  • The cost for all 8 weeks is $200 ($60 additional membership fee for new members)
  • Camp sessions are divided into the following age groups: 6 through 8. 9 through 11 and 12 through 18.
  • Curriculum and activities are targeted toward each age group, their interest and abilities. Camps are held at four Girls Inc. campuses in Dallas.

Go to the parent’s center to download a  registration form

Registration Deadline: June 3 ( with ongoing rolling admission weekly)

Contact: Claudia Pacheco, cpacheco@girlsincdallas.org or 214-654-4546


Campamento de Verano

  • Edad: Niñas de 6 a 18
  • Cuando: 5 de junio a 28 de julio, 8 semanas. Lunes a viernes de 7:30am a 5:30pm
  • Dónde: Los campamentos de verano en nuestros cuatro centros
  • Costo: $200 (hay un costo adicional de $60 a miembros nuevos)
  • Descripción: En el campamento de verano, las niñas aprenden el valor de compartir experiencias divertidas en un ambiente exclusivo para ninas, con adultos atentos, entrenados, que las apoyan como mentores y ejemplos. Todas las actividades están diseñadas pensando en las niñas para captivar su interés, construir sus habilidades y explorar el mundo al su alrededor. Las sesiones de campamento están divididas en grupos por edad de 6 a 8, 9 a 11 y 12 para arriba.

Límite de Inscripción: 3 de junio (con inscripción abierta cada semana)

Contacto:Claudia Pacheco, cpacheco@girlsincdallas.org o 214-654-4546

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Working together

Eureka! is designed to engage girls ages 12 to 18 in exploring STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). As a component of Girls Inc. Operation SMART®, the long-term goal of the Eureka! program is to motivate girls to pursue post-secondary education and careers in STEM fields. The Eureka! experience is guided by the Operation SMART principles of three Es and an F:

Exploration: Offers girls opportunities to build, take things apart, get dirty, and become engaged by science, math, and technology. It builds girls’ capacity to make informed decision about their lives and their environment.

Empowerment: Encourages guessing, predictions and risk-taking with mistakes and failures celebrated as opportunities to learn what went wrong and why. This stimulates girls’ ability to think as scientists do—about any subject. As girls reflect about what they are doing, they make connections between the science they do in school, the science they do out of school, and the science they will need as adults—and they build their own confidence to achieve.

Equity: Involves girls in hands-on, manipulative, participatory experiences that strengthen their understanding of the world they live in now so they can consider pursuing careers that may not have been open to them through their own perception or the perceptions of others. They gain the knowledge, skills, and attitude of “I can do” to face the barriers challenging them. They pursue their own interests at their own pace in their preferred style of learning—they are in charge.
Fun: Makes science and math fun. Girls are participants more than they are observers. It captures their attention and expands their confidence and inspires girls to choose math, science, and technical courses in school.

Contact: Leidy Guarin, lguarin@girlsincdallas.org  or 214-654-4539

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Imagine Science Program (Pleasant Grove, TX only)


The goal of imagine science is to bring stem programming to community-based sites across the nation at times and places where options are typically limited. Programming will include the use of mobile stem labs, 1-2 day stem challenges and Expos, and multi- week stem-themed Summer Camps. The Three primary objectives are:

  1. Increase stem opportunities:there are simply not enough informal stem learning opportunities to reach all youth who need or want it.
  2. Increase time and spaces dedicated to stem: informal stem learning opportunities are typically run during the school year on weekdays between 3 pm and 6pm and at either schools or community science institutions.
  3. Create partnership and clarity:in most locations partnerships are limited and there are no means to sharing information about gaps in the system or best practices hampering ability to move systemically or at large scale on common priorities