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Every day, young girls are faced with critical decisions with life-long consequences. At Girls Inc., we equip girls with the skills and knowledge to resist peer pressure and make the right choices… and we’ve been doing it for over 45 years. We are proud to be a safe haven for over 847 girls, ages 6 to 18, from predominantly undeserved neighborhoods.

Through our after-school programs, girls learn about themselves, discover and build on their strengths and develop supportive connections while having fun! At our campuses, girls are free to express themselves wholly on their terms through talking, doing, creating and connecting with other girls.

Our programs are age-appropriate and encourage girls to take risks and master physical, mental and emotional challenges. In an all-girl environment, with caring, trained adults who serve as mentors and role-models, girls learn about economic literacy, math, science, technology, health, fitness, sexuality, self-esteem, and violence avoidance and respect for others.

We inspire all girls to be Strong, Smart and Bold.

Girls on computerThe vision of Girls Inc. is to enable girls, ages 6-18, who are from families with limited financial resources, to become strong, smart and bold, and graduate from high school equipped for success with personal effectiveness, academic, and career planning competencies.

We’re serving a critical need.

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  • 74% of the girls come from families with incomes of less than $30,000 a year.
  • 66% of the girls live with a single or neither parent.
  • Our four campuses located in West Dallas, South Dallas, North Oak Cliff, and Love Field currently have the capacity to provide quality programs for over 847 girls, ages 6-18, through after-school programming during the school year, and all day programming in the summer months.

We’re different.

    Volunteers tutor 3rd grade girls for their STAAR tests

  • Girls Inc. is unique by providing transportation from school to the campus and home
  • We’re an all-girl environment
  • We provide research-based, gender-specific programs focused on the specific needs of girls as they transition through different developmental stages

Girls Inc. girls are Strong, Smart and Bold.

Teen Task ForceWhat an amazing difference Girls Inc. can make in a girl’s life. Over the last year, 65% of girls have an A or B average; and 65% of girls struggling academically, at a 70 or below, have increased their GPA of core subject grades by 20%. All of our senior girls have graduated from high school for 13 years.

Our programs empower girls to take charge of their lives.

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  • Career & Life Planning
  • Self Reliance & Life Skills
  • Health & Sexuality
  • Educational Enrichment
  • Leadership & Community Action
  • Sports & Adventure
  • Arts & Cultural Heritage

I want to sponsor a girl and make a difference in her life.