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Wish I May, Wish I Might…

Check out our wish lists below and may find an item you can bear to part with that would help Girls Inc. Or maybe you would like to purchase one of the items to specifically help one of our many programs or campuses. You can drop off items at a campus location or click here to make a donation for an item. Thank you!

West Dallas Campus

2607 Toronto St. 214.630-0868

Bathroom counter tops
Computer tables for technology room
Copy machine
Furniture for each room (ages 6-8, 9-11, teen)
Jump ropes
Laser jet color printer (wireless if possible)
New playground with swing set
Rolling wall dividers
Soccer goals – mesh scrimmage pinnies and shin guards
Softball gloves
Tether balls
TV stand for teen room
VCR/DVD combo player
Wii game

Oak Cliff Campus

350 N. Zang Blvd. (214) 941-0787

Board games
Color printer
Curtains (non-flammable)
Dry erase board
Educational games for Wii
Educational movies (National Geographic)
Electrical pencil sharpener, heavy duty (6)
Foosball table
Good working pens
Hula hoops
Karaoke machine
Large bowls
Lego games

Office chairs (2)
Office desk (2)
Soccer goals
Wii game
Window blinds (20)

South Dallas Campus

4411 Meadow St. (214) 426.2691

10 Hula hoops
15 Chairs
2 Desks
2 DVD players
2 Long jump ropes
2 Sets of golf clubs
2 Tetherball sets
3 CD players
4 Picnic tables
5 Square tables
6 Rolls of assorted color butcher paper and cutter (white, red, yellow, blue, brown, green)
Assorted colors of yarn
Awning to cover the picnic area
Basketball goal
Board games
Card stock
Christmas tree with trimming
Clothes pins
Crafts sticks
Crochet needles
Dry erase board
Flip chart and board
Furniture for teen room
Giant coloring books
Glue guns and sticks
Laminating machine
Large bounce house
Large box of poster boards
Large inflatable water slide
Mixing bowls
New computers for staff
Paper cutter
Ping pong table
Pipe cleaners
Pots and pans for nutrition classes
School supplies
Science kits
Small nails
Small wood boards
Soccer set
Storage containers
Wii game – educational

Love Field Campus

2040 Empire Central Drive (214) 654-4551

Board games
Science kits
Smart board for computer lab
State of the Art Playground
Tables for classrooms
Wii game