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Our fiscal year which ends June 30, 2016, so we would like to highlight our work during 2014-2015, Girls Inc. increased the number of girls participating in our after-school and summer programming by 43%, serving 1012 girls ages 6 to 18. Poverty remained a critical concern for Girls Inc. with 68% of the girls we serve living in families with annual incomes of less than $34,500. Among those we serve 61% are from single family homes or live with neither biological parent.During 2014-2015 we were successful in advancing our program quality and achieving program outcomes. Some examples of the 2014-2015 successes are as follows: 83.5% of the girls who submitted report cards maintained an A/B/C grade; 50% of the girls participating in the after-school group mentoring and one-on-one mentor programs increased their grades; 86% of the girls completing their pre & post surveys met their summer learning goals; and 55% of the Girls Inc. parents participated in summer and after-school activities.

Girls Inc. girls clearly can and do develop positive relationships, grit, determination and work ethic to awaken their potential and succeed. The Girls Inc. experience is the confluence of people, an environment, and programming that collectively empower girls to succeed and grow up to be healthy, educated and independent women.girls served

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