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ExxonMobil and Girls Inc. Help Girls Explore the Exciting Side of Math and Science during ExxonMobil’s Family Math and Science Night

DALLAS–September 30th–, 2015–According to the National Council of Research on Women, women make up nearly 50 percent of the U.S. workforce, but hold less than 12 percent of science and engineering jobs in business and industry compared to their male counterparts. To help increase the number of young women who are interested in math and science, ExxonMobil and Girls Incorporated of Metropolitan Dallas (Girls Inc.) continue their partnership to help encourage young women to consider careers in math and science fields at the ExxonMobil Family Math and Science Night. The event, which took place on September 30th at the Girls Inc. Love Field campus, showcased math, science and technology projects, as well as hands-on activities and educational information for girls and their families.

Joining us again this year were volunteers from ExxonMobil and Frontiers of Flight Museum
and educators from the Perot Museum of Nature and Science who designed the evening’s
activities. The event had five zones: Biology, Physical Science, Earth Science, Chemistry and
Weather. Girls experienced hands-on science activities as they constructed an LED light, discovered the surprising diet of a barn own and learned the science behind fireworks.

An unexpected hit this year, was the Frontiers of Flight Museum exhibit with a special appearance from the Red Baron. He helped girls discover the four forces of flight: thrust, drag, lift and weight by launching paper airplanes. Girls were captivated by Boo Bubbles as they watched carbon dioxide become trapped inside a soap bubble right before their eyes. Girls never tired of the old favorites like the chair of nails and the nano ice cream. At each of the stations, girls, siblings and parents experienced a lot of “A-ha!” moments as they learned together the science and math behind each activity. A Girls Inc. “special thanks” to ExxonMobil for sponsoring this event and the Perot Museum of Nature and Science for knowing exactly which activities would engage girls of all ages!

The ExxonMobil Family Math and Science Night provides an educational experience for the family including math and science stations that engage children of all ages in interesting projects and experiments. These stations allow the girls and their siblings to explore, ask questions and solve problems in these fields. Additionally, parents  received information on a variety of topics such as studying techniques, tips for communicating with teachers and how to use household items as learning tools.

“The ability to help girls develop a healthy curiosity and understanding of math, science and technology is central to ensuring that girls realize their full potential,” said Lori Palmer, chief executive officer, Girls Incorporated of Metropolitan Dallas. “With programs like ExxonMobil Family Math and Science Night girls can gain confidence, competence and comfort  in STEM.”

The family event is an Operation SMART (Science Math And Relevant Technology) program, which allows girls to explore all three areas through various activities. This year, ExxonMobil provided a $25,000 grant for Operation SMART projects which include FMSN and EUREKA!, a four-week long science camp for middle school girls at four colleges.  Efforts such as this help  improve education for girls by creating an awareness of math and science-based career opportunities for women and minorities.

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