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Program for Teens 12 to 18 years old

The middle school and high school years are especially important times in a girl’s life. Committed to our mission to empower young women to discover and pursue their dreams, we offer research-based curriculum to address the unique cognitive, emotional, and developmental needs of girls in each of the critical stages throughout their school years.

The Girls Inc. energetic teen program immerses girls in technology and leadership training. The goal is to inspire them to explore college and career readiness opportunities and prepare  to lead successful, independent and fulfilling lives. Girls in this unique after-school program and summer camp lets teens engage in hands-on and experiential learning, college and career fairs and meetings with educators and professionals from a wide variety of fields.

To take advantage of the many educational enrichment opportunities, contact the campus closest to you directly or download and complete a registration form Completed registration forms and membership fees are to be brought to the campus your daughter will be attending.  

Teens learn about financial literacy from Capital OneOur national curriculum is aligned with specific needs of the teens in Dallas.  Thanks to our relationships with a number of local colleges and universities in the Dallas-area, we offer college and career readiness activities for the high school girls in our program.

Ninth Grade

College Bound Teen TripBuilding on our middle school programs, the curriculum offers enrichment opportunities with real, practical application: study skills, standardized test preparation, career exploration, job shadowing, mentoring and internship opportunities, more college visits, mock college registrations, personal portfolio preparation and many other projects.

Girls Inc. has collaborative relationships with a number of community partners who help heighten the value of our programs.

Tenth Grade

College Bound Teen TripTenth grade at Girls Inc. means even more experiential learning opportunities, success stories and activities focused on planning and decision-making. Girls are encouraged to review their high school plan yearly and adjust it if necessary.

Choosing electives, extracurricular activities and leadership opportunities is of particular importance in the sophomore year. We review the girls’ personal portfolios and make suggestions to strengthen them if necessary. Girls Inc. members and their parents learn about financial aid options and admission requirements at local colleges. Test preparation for the PSAT is available to all girls.

Eleventh and Twelfth Grades

College Bound Teen TripIn eleventh and twelfth grade, our College and Career Readiness program provides preparation for standardized tests (SAT and ACT) and activities focused on writing college essays, interviewing well with an admissions committee, advanced study skills and many other opportunities.

Girls are encouraged to discover their values and interests before going off to college. They research scholarship opportunities (including Girls Inc. scholarships) and apply for them with our staff’s help. We offer a Navigating the Financial Aid Bureaucracy workshop for parents and their daughters so that they learn about the FAFSA, scholarships, grants, institutional financial aid etc.Everything You Need to Know About Applying to College is another popular workshop in which we walk the girls through the entire application process and provide help with interviewing skills, business letter writing and more.

Hours of operation

School Year: 3:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Summer: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.