Uplift Education Spring Programs

Middle and High School Workshops

Uplift and Girls Inc. are excited to offer Uplift scholars interactive, virtual workshops this Spring to inspire girls to be strong, smart, and bold! Girls will receive engaging, impactful programming that will equip them to navigate gender, economic, and social barriers and to grow into healthy, educated, and independent women. Girls Inc. creates a unique all girl, pro girl environment that is physically, socially, and emotionally safe and affirms that girls can succeed and deserve to be taken seriously.

  • Free!
  • Single-day events
  • Starting Feb. 3
  • 100% virtual 
  • All-girl, pro-girl environment

Friendships and Frenemies: The Power of Female Relationships

Girls identify the characteristics of healthy and toxic friendships and discover how their friendships may evolve over time. Girls build effective communication skills to foster healthy relationships and explore the power of collaboration over competition.

6th-9th Grades

10th-12th Grades

Real Talk: Teen Tips for Healthy Dating Relationships

Girls explore the difference between healthy and unhealthy dating relationships, learn to understand the warning signs of an unhealthy relationship, and discover how to set expectations and boundaries while identifying strategies for effective communication.

9th-12th Grades

Plugged In: Girls Get the Message

With girls facing constant exposure to media images and messages, this workshop encourages girls to think critically about what they see online and in modern media. This awareness minimizes the negative impact on girls while addressing the effects of media on self-perception, body image, stereotypes, and self-esteem.

6th-8th Grades

9th-12th Grades

Managing Stress for Her Mind & Body

In this workshop, girls learn how stress impacts their mental and physical health. Girls discover how to recognize the sources of stress and how to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy stress. They walk away with new coping strategies and tools to minimize and manage stress in their daily lives.

6th-8th Grades

9th-12th Grades