Girls Inc. Summer Programs Allow Girls to Thrive After a Challenging Year


This summer, Girls Inc. held seven weeks of in-person summer camps created to help girls recover from the past year of remote learning and social isolation and preparing them to enter the coming school year. 

Our seven weeks of summer camps focused on topics like physical health, STEM, self-esteem, and leadership. These camps took place at all three of our locations: Love Field, South Dallas, and Red Bird Mall. Activities like team sports, STEM experiments, and talent shows kept girls active, engaged, and learning throughout the summer! 

“Our goal this summer was to support girls’ social and emotional wellbeing,” said Esme Cardoso, our Director of Curriculum and Training. “Our strong, smart and bold-themed activities allowed girls to learn, build friendships, and have fun.” 

Impact Data Coordinator and Program Facilitator Eden White described the growth she witnessed in many girls this summer. 

“We knew the past year was difficult for our girls and their families, so we intentionally provided activities that would allow girls to connect with each other again and just be kids. We wanted to reignite their curiosity and excitement for learning by having hands-on interactive programs so girls can feel confident in their abilities,” Eden said. “I enjoyed watching girls try new things while building trust in themselves to handle challenges and to see just how resilient they have become.”

High school girls participated in our Eureka STEM program throughout the summer, meeting virtually to continue learning about STEM and college readiness. 

Rookies and freshmen girls attended virtual college camps with Richland College, Cedar Valley College, University of North Texas in Denton, and Texas Woman’s University. Through these camps, they explored topics like astronomy, robotics, and college readiness. 

Our sophomore cohort held externships with the following community partners: Arubah Wellness, Pleasant Grove Mortuary, Coach Tajuana Brewster, Angela Taylor, JD, These valuable experiences empowered girls to enter the workforce with practical knowledge and real-life experience. 

“I had an externship with Fidelity this summer and that was so fun”, said Vanessa, 15-year-old Eureka girl. “I learned a lot about investing and technology.  I don’t think I would have ever learned about these things without the help of Fidelity and Girls Inc.”

We are grateful to our community partners for providing our girls with these opportunities! 

Finally, our Juniors completed SAT and ACT prep courses, equipping them to succeed as they prepare to apply to colleges. Additionally, all cohorts also engaged in professional development presentations this summer. 

As our girls enter the 2021 school year, we will continue supporting and empowering them through virtual homework help, in-person holiday camps and our Eureka program. Continue checking our website for more details on our upcoming programs!