Girls Inc. Expands Partner-Based Programs


This fall, we began an exciting partnership with Uplift Education, a network of schools that spans the DFW metroplex! Last month, our team partnered with Girls Inc. of Tarrant County to offer Uplift scholars our interactive, virtual programs. These four-week programs are free and 100% virtual! Girls across twenty one campuses now receive engaging, impactful programming that helps equip them to navigate gender, economic, and social barriers and to grow into healthy, educated, and independent women.

One course offered is titled “Girls Beyond Bullying” and equips girls to stand up to bullying in healthy, constructive ways. Aggression, fearfulness, violence, and cyberbullying have become an all too common experience for girls as they try to navigate difficult social situations. This course provides girls with communication skills, peer support, and tools to identify negative behaviors, preparing them to better manage situations where they see or are the focus of bullying.

Additionally, Girls Inc. offers a course called “#Trending – Media Savvy for Today’s Modern Tween.” During this program, girls explore a variety of media, learn to deconstruct hidden messages and question the narrow definition of beauty. This awareness minimizes the negative impact on girls while addressing the effects of media on self-perception, body image, stereotypes, and self-esteem. It aims to increase knowledge in marketing, media literacy, and social media safety.

“We love the way that Uplift supports the social, emotional and academic wellbeing of all their students. This aligns so much with the way we believe children should be developed at Girls Inc.,” said Sheri Cook, director of outreach and impact data at Girls Inc. Dallas. “This partnership will allow us to help girls grow, understand their voice and learn to be advocates in their communities.”