Girls Inc. Meets Girl’s Urgent Needs Through In-Person Summer Camps


There’s no doubt: academic and mental health problems are on the rise for girls everywhere. The COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated the stressors and anxiety that most Girls Inc. girls already faced. Family tension, social anxiety, and trouble with school are only a few of the issues impacting many of our girls’ lives. Over the past year, we have witnessed firsthand this decline in the mental health and academic success of many girls in our community, a trend that is mirrored on the national and global level.  

In order to preserve their mental, physical and academic well-being, girls urgently need social connection, academic support, and safe spaces to process their emotions. Girls Inc. Dallas is prepared to provide just that through our 2021 Summer Camps! Through seven weeks of in-person camps, we will serve girls during this critical season of their life. Our team has carefully crafted curricula designed to address the specific issues impacting girls right now. Through our camps, we will equip girls to manage their health, reconnect with friends, build relationships with facilitators and, ultimately, prepare them to return to school this fall.  

At our sports-themed summer camp, girls will enjoy physical activities to improve their physical fitness and sports skills, releasing energy stored from spending so much time on virtual learning. They will practice keeping their bodies healthy and learn to maintain these activities beyond Girls Inc. camps. 

Our STEM-themed camp will allow girls to use their creativity and curiosity to create, design, and engineer solutions to everyday problems. This camp will also improve girls’ understanding of STEM careers and promote a positive view of women in STEM. 

Our nature-themed camp aims to teach girls about the Earth and its many ecosystems. They will also practice conversation and create public service announcements. 

At this summer’s entrepreneurship-themed camp, staff will lead girls to determine how to turn their interests into a business product. Girls will design a product to sell while learning about budgeting, cost, and profit!

Through our self-esteem-themed camp, girls will improve their self-awareness, rediscover their strengths, take positive risks, and build friendships. They will also have opportunities to share about their culture and learn about others’ cultures. 

At our leadership-themed camp, participants will learn about women in leadership while collaborating on a community-service project and practicing community advocacy. 

Finally, our college and career readiness-themed camp will lead girls to recognize their strengths and translate them into careers. They will identify educational opportunities available to them and become fluent in “college-speak.”

Visit our website in the coming weeks to learn more or to register a girl in your life for these exciting camps!